The Garden of Common Ground

Where compassion, ritual, and healing intersect.

The term “Common Ground” relates to a common factor we share with other people.  For those who are ready to find your true talents and tap into your own inner healing abilities, I invite you into my Garden.  Here is where my journey began and where Mother Nature shows me everyday, how playful she can be.  Come in, browse and join others as we dance with the Goddess, Mother Nature, experience the healing vibration of sounds and open the door to a compassionate place where you can find others, just like you, on an amazing journey .

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Welcome to My Garden

I have found a magical place in working with the land and hearing the way spirit and nature speaks to me. I hope my journey can inspire you.



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Music Is The Universal Language

Most of us feel a special connection to music.  When I hear certain songs, they take me right back to a place that I was, or a

What are Moon Ceremonies?

Achieving balance of our mind/body/spirit energy requires consistent focus, and it requires maintenance. Think of it like this - you balance and adjust the tires on your

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Sound Sessions

Discover the amazing healing benefits of sound.

Listening to crystal singing bowl music creates a binaural beat that synchronizes with the natural vibrations within our crystalline structure to create the ultimate relaxing, harmonizing effect on our psyche.

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