About Misty Pennington

Compassionate Mentor, Energetic Healer and Sound Therapist

Misty Pennington headshotMisty is a Spiritual Mentor who works with others open to learning how to more freely navigate a healthy, happy, and wealthy life by learning how to process energetic blocks caused by every-day life experiences.  As a Compassion Mentor, Misty helps you identify these blocks and provides you with resources to independently navigate your journey, or collaborate with others on a similar path to help you work out the occasional kinks you may encounter.

Through her own 15-year journey and life expansion, Misty has learned the power of awareness.  Mother Nature has shown her that slowing down to notice the little things in her Vegetable Garden was something valuable that can be applied to every-day life.  This awareness, captured her attention to learn more about her spiritual self. It was this inner journey that she discovered her place in the Universe and how her unique interests and skills could help others discover their purpose.  After retiring from corporate life, Misty continues her journey from the perspective of a compassionate travel guide, helping you identify the signs the Universe has left on your path to assist you in navigating every-day life.   Through her one-on-one or group sessions, Misty’s compassion to help others is clear.  Her garden is full of magical experiences that she gladly shares with others who are willing to explore the subtleties present all around us.  Come in, experience greater joy, and get to know the journey that places us all on “Common Ground”.


  • Daughter, Sister, Wife, and Mother
  • Trained Human Resources Professional
  • Ordained Universal Life Church Minister
  • Certified Holy Fire II Usui Reiki Master
  • Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts degree from Lindenwood University
  • Sacred Sound Healing
  • Eden Energy Medicine
  • Holographic Healing

Message from Misty

“I have never claimed to be a psychiatrist or psychologist, but the combination of my life experiences and passion to study the insight into ones own ability to expand our consciousness and heal ourselves, has given me a unique perspective about the value of loving unconditionally.  I have discovered that our perspective – what we think and feel about our life experiences – can sometimes be quite damaging.  I experienced a huge personal shift when I discovered that what I thought about events in my life had more damaging affect than the trauma I had experienced.  If this is something that resonates with you – I think I can help you change that outlook.” – Misty Pennington


Shine light on the tiny details.


Restore the energetic balance within.


Bloom and grow into your greatest potential.