Acupuncture & Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in a deeply restful and rejuvenating experience that combines two ancient healing modalities that are designed to align our personal frequencies in balanced and harmonic ways:  acupuncture and sound healing.

Our bodies are filled with electricity to fuel our nervous system and muscles.  In Chinese Medicine, this electricity is called qi (pronounced “chee”). When trauma occurs to our bodies, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, that electricity, or chi, gets stuck and can cause physical disorders. Acupuncture uses tiny needles to help disperse stuck qi energy and normalize it, bringing harmony back to the body.

During a portion of this session, Dr. Becca Blake will be doing acupuncture on five points on each person while Misty provides a relaxing sound bath, allowing the sound waves to stimulate the needles and amplify the treatment.

The points will be unique and catered to each person based on their areas of main concern and pulse diagnosis.

The singing bowls emanate gentle rhythms that wash over every cell in our body. They emit frequencies that help stimulate a tranquil feelings of peaceful and deep rest. They also stimulate the part of the brain that inspires our creativity.

This two hour workshop is in the studio, where low lighting and over-sized, cushy mats make the experience feel luxurious and allow you to sink comfortably into your journey of self-discovery.  Pillows are provided, but you’ll need to bring a blanket. You are welcome to bring a journal as well.

Hot tea and alkalized, living crystal-charged water is provided.

DATE:  January 7, 2023

TIME:  10:00 am – Noon

COST:  $75/person

Space is limited, so please register early using the form below.

Sorry, this event is sold out. Please come back to register for next month!