Crystal singing bowls are comprised of 99% crushed quartz crystals and then mixed with metals and gemstones.  Quartz crystals are comprised of silica sand and water.  They are formed when water fossilizes under specific conditions of pressure, temperature and energy. They have many physical properties such as amplifying, transforming, storing, focusing and transferring energy. We use these crystals in everyday items such as cell phones and computers.

Our bodies are comprised of 70% water and are crystalline in structure. The thoughts that we think are also a form of energy. Our physical crystalline structure and our thoughts both respond to the energy of quartz crystals.

When you intentionally interact with crystals with positive affirmations, it is said that the energy of the affirmations are amplified, possibly altering consciousness, specifically, creating a higher vibration of consciousness. The highest vibration of consciousness is love.

It is my believe that a mind/body/spirit balancing session can be greatly enhanced by using these tools.

Acoustic illumination is a unique experience. Studies show that sound can produce changes in our autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. Music is organized sound and the goal of music therapy is to reduce stress and pain and promote deep relaxation. If you’re like me, you’ve learned that you heal most effectively when you are truly relaxed.

Listening to crystal singing bowl music creates a binaural beat that synchronizes with the natural vibrations within our crystalline structure to create the ultimate relaxing, harmonizing effect on our psyche. They help synchronize both hemispheres of your brain and help achieve deep relaxation. This increased level of relaxation allows for the possibility of healing on a deep, cellular level than one might not achieve without vibrational, energetic assistance.

Achieving balance of our mind/body/spirit energy requires consistent focus, and it requires maintenance. Think of it like this – you balance and adjust the tires on your vehicle, But as you continue to use your vehicle over time, additional adjustments are needed to maintain proper balance. It’s the same with your physical, mental and spiritual energy.

When it comes to ceremonies, I achieve amazing results when I perform them with the moon cycle. Here’s why:  Our bodies are comprised of 70% water. Think of the draw that the moon has on water – how it affects the tides and it can increase the energy output during a storm.  To me, it’s only natural that the moon has the same effect on humans since we are made of a high concentration of water.

In elemental/spiritual language – water represents emotion. To synchronize implementation of balanced emotional energetic intentions with the energy of the full moon cycle just makes sense!

Hopefully, this helps you understand how having a session, and then focusing on releasing any additional heavy or outdated energy that presents itself after the session during a full moon ceremony and manifesting your newly focused intentions during a new moon ceremony can help keep you on your path of balance. You don’t have to spend never-ending hours to maintain balance, but you must actively check in with yourself to make sure you are staying on track. A few moments spent in ceremony each month can help keep you in alignment with your intentions.