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GOOD-BYE! GOOD GIRL ENERGY Be a good girl. Be sweet. Be nice to people - even if they aren’t nice to you. Be the bigger person. Don’t let others get you down. Always smile. Never show them you’re hurt. These things and many, many more were said to me when I was a child. I took those sentiments personally,

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The Sound Bath Just Got Deeper

In my last blog, I talked about how the Summer Solstice proved to shed light on a lot of things. Now, here we are, past the autumn equinox, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling big energy and experiencing so much personal transformation.  I feel it in the world all around me, too. Things seem to be

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Music Is The Universal Language

Most of us feel a special connection to music.  When I hear certain songs, they take me right back to a place that I was, or a feeling I was feeling when that song was playing.  This is why music and sound therapy is so effective in assisting us release emotions and move energy.  That’s pretty magical, in my

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The 3 Fundamental Steps that Every Beginner Must Take to Call Themselves A Student of Sound

1. Willingness to be open-minded, vulnerabilities and allow your emotions to be felt.  Your safety and security is important to me, and I create and hold safe space to ensure both. As a practitioner, holding safe space means that I create an environment where you are safe to explore feeling your feelings.  Sound can awaken emotions, thoughts or physical

The 3 Fundamental Steps that Every Beginner Must Take to Call Themselves A Student of Sound2019-09-19T18:51:08-05:00
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