Welcome to my first blog in a long time. I am inviting those who are exploring self-compassion, those who are learning to love their imperfections, and those who are seeking inner peace… to join me here.

Summer Solstice energy this year had me feeling very lifted and supported, it felt light and divinely radiant. It did not disappoint in providing magic and mystery! The brightness illuminated some very big messages for me. It’s synchronistic that the Solstice is the brightest day of the year and the longest day/shortest night.

I celebrate Summer Solstice by performing a ritual. The ritual begins with honoring what is sacred: prayer, gratitude, and a willingness to step into a space of mystery, the place where I know nothing, yet trust in my heart that everything I need is within me. It is a practice of tending to MY Eternal Flame. This is my most sacred work. I create an altar to focus my prayers and gratitude. (My energy with altars has evolved over the years of this practice. You can read more about that here…). This year, I performed my Summer Solstice ritual with several other women. We practiced Kundalini yoga and experienced a sound bath while sharing our hearts – igniting, nurturing, and honoring our own divine nature.

Tree at the GardenInterpretation and intention are major in this practice. During the ceremony, and the bringing of light, the symbolism came fast and big. If you know me, you know that trees and snakes have been providing symbolism in my spiritual work. It seems that whenever I am at a point of needing to make a decision or a shift in my beliefs, the symbolism of the snake and/or tree provides a sign that points me in a direction that opens a new insight. It has happened too many times to think otherwise. Embracing messages, consistent ones at that, is sometimes a challenging, yet important step.

A sacred tree in my yard was knocked to the ground by strong winds the day before the ceremony – bringing a powerful message of completion – an ending to a beautiful story.

The day after the ritual, a 5’ snakeskin was found on my front porch, an additional message of having shed a large amount of energy that didn’t serve me anymore. Also, an ending of something that once ‘was’.

I realized that I can choose to step out of my front door with all the debris left from the tree behind me (as the tree is in my backyard), leaving the snakeskin to the side where it was shed – and walk into my future unhindered. There was a serious amount of energy that I let go of – represented by these two powerful symbols.

As a person engaged in consistent spiritual work, these messages were very poignant to me. They were timed perfectly, and completely in a way that I could understand the message. What an incredible message it was. Then, the very next day, while practicing sound healing techniques with my husband, I
experienced a gigantic influx of energy accompanied by the thought or awareness that it was Golden Dragon energy.Angelic Cloud

Wow! Golden Dragon – now that is some fiery, bright light! What?!?!

Upon researching, I discovered that Golden Dragon energy is that of prosperity, abundance, wealth, and good health. It stems from a lineage of Reiki which has recently come into the light and is ascended snake energy. By truly having done the work of letting go and not using my sacred energy in endeavors that no longer serve me, I opened an avenue for new energy to come in and assist me on my spiritual journey.

Holy moly…. Stay tuned as I drop into this new energy available to me and share it with you in my blogs and posts. As always, I love to connect with others who are on their spiritual journey to share insights and experiences. I hope to hear how energy and symbolism are bringing the light to your awareness’s and highlight your spiritual growth.

Many Blessings,

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