basket with gardening tools and gloves

Lessons from the Garden

“The biggest lie you ever told yourself was that it was no big deal.
The tremendous cover-up was when you acted as if nothing ever happened.
The greatest survival tactic was to create a confincing camouflage and hold it deep inside.
The ultimate decoy was to position yourself as through you had delt with it once and for all.
Now the most compassionate thing you can do for yourself is to come clean.
Expose the absolute truth to yourself and begin to mend the parts of you that were in on it.
Your heart. Your mind, Your body and soul.”

(Credit: Susan Frybort – Exerpt from Open Passages)

My Slice of Heaven

Retreat to Nature

Join me for a walk through the Garden. Mother Nature taught me about patience years ago and as I watched my garden grow from seed to harvest, she brought to my attention how everything has a purpose. Through monthly Nature Retreats and Gardening Classes, my hope is to pass forward this knowledge to help you find mental, spiritual, and physical peace in a new, magical, Mother Nature kind of way.