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Coming Into the Light

Welcome to my first blog in a long time. I am inviting those who are exploring self-compassion, those who are learning to love their imperfections, and those who are seeking inner peace… to join me here. Summer Solstice energy this year had me feeling very lifted and supported, it felt light and divinely radiant. It did not disappoint in providing magic and mystery! The brightness illuminated some very big

Music Is The Universal Language

Most of us feel a special connection to music.  When I hear certain songs, they take me right back to a place that I was, or a feeling I was feeling when that song was playing.  This is why music and sound therapy is so effective in assisting us release emotions and move energy.  That’s pretty magical, in my opinion! These famous people all caption the effect that the

The 3 Fundamental Steps that Every Beginner Must Take to Call Themselves A Student of Sound

1. Willingness to be open-minded, vulnerabilities and allow your emotions to be felt.  Your safety and security is important to me, and I create and hold safe space to ensure both. As a practitioner, holding safe space means that I create an environment where you are safe to explore feeling your feelings.  Sound can awaken emotions, thoughts or physical sensations that have been buried in your being.  It can

What are Moon Ceremonies?

Achieving balance of our mind/body/spirit energy requires consistent focus, and it requires maintenance. Think of it like this - you balance and adjust the tires on your vehicle, But as you continue to use your vehicle over time, additional adjustments are needed to maintain proper balance. It’s the same with your physical, mental and spiritual energy. When it comes to ceremonies, I achieve amazing results when I perform them with

How Acoustic Illumination Sessions Work

Crystal singing bowls are comprised of 99% crushed quartz crystals and then mixed with metals and gemstones.  Quartz crystals are comprised of silica sand and water.  They are formed when water fossilizes under specific conditions of pressure, temperature and energy. They have many physical properties such as amplifying, transforming, storing, focusing and transferring energy. We use these crystals in everyday items such as cell phones and computers. Our bodies

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