Gatherings Schedule

My mission is to provide a safe physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual environment for clients to experience deeply grounded personal self-love/self-compassion work.  As we continue to experience the impact of the COVID Pandemic, please note that safety is a priority in every aspect of my work.

So you are aware, listed here are our Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Door handles and any common spaces are wiped down after every gathering. This includes outer doors and restroom surfaces.
  • Gatherings at the Sound Studio have been modified to a maximum of 6 participants to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Masks are required in common areas in the building.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available for guest use.
  • Guests are asked to bring their own water bottles.

Additionally, new outdoor events are being added to the calendar!  These events occur in a rural area where acres available allow us to spread out safely.  Since part of my sacred work is helping people to establish a connection to Earth it seems only fitting that we spend time outdoors.

2022 Gathering Schedule … COMING SOON!

Right now, our Event Schedule is committed to Private Events and Personal Sessions.  We look forward to preparing other open group options in 2022 which will hopefully be updated in December 2021.