Come, Let Mother Nature Nurture You

Allow yourself to imagine…

A nature retreat provides you with the opportunity to escape the stress and simply be recharged by the earth’s energy, consciously recalibrating your frequency to the Universal vibration of Love and Calmness.

There are great mental, spiritual and physical benefits received from spending time outdoors.  I personally believe spending down-time in nature amplifies our ability to remain grounded.  Ask anyone who has spent time off-grid, the energy in the country is very different compared to the energy in a suburban environment. For those who live in busy city areas, hearing the quiet voice of the wind or engaging with the abundance that seamlessly co-exists between plants, animals and insects can be a new and amazing experience.  

This retreat is designed to help you break free of the noise and stress and simply settle deeply into the rhythm of the earth and find new ways to learn about yourself and nature.

Join Us for a Nature Retreat

It is my great pleasure to be a Compassionate Mentor, holding sacred space for you, as you dive into a deeper sacred connection within yourself, and into your sacred connectedness with All That Is.  Won’t you join me?

Located north of the Hwy 70 communities of Wentzville, O’Fallon, and St. Peters, follow Hwy 79 about 25 minutes north along the Missouri River and you’ll find Winfield, Missouri, and our 7-acre property.  Here, we invoke the sacred spirit of the earth and the natural healing powers of Nature and Gardening with song and the natural elements of fire, earth, water, and air that surround us.  As we gather, we will bring our awareness to the earth and the garden and the messages they have for you.

Some experiences to look forward to…

  • Meditation Listening to Sound – Both of Nature and with Crystal Bowls
  • Celebrate the Seasons – The Change in Weather, Moon Cycles, and Preparing for Harvest.
  • Fire Circles – Share/Express Gratitude, Plant Seeds of Intention, Release & Transform.

Event Details:

Date:  3rd Sunday of the Month
Time:  1:30 – 4:00 pm
Location:  The Outdoor Garden @ Garden of Common Ground – 9 Eagle Crest Drive, Winfield, MO  63389

Weather Notice:  The purpose of this event is to experience Nature – even the weather – all weather.  However, if conditions are treacherous or too hazardous, rescheduling may be the only option.

What to Bring:

  • Dress appropriately for the Weather (we will be outdoors, of course!)
  • A Chair
  • A Blanket (if chilly)
  • A Water Bottle

Cost:  $15/Person

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Nature Retreat