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Add Sound to Your Reiki Practice

This is a hands-on, Reiki and Sound training course is an interactive workshop specifically for Reiki practitioners who want to learn how to incorporate the use of crystal singing bowls into their healing sessions to supercharge the experience of your clients.  Course Goals:

  • To recognize the similarities and differences in Reiki and Sound Healing Energy and how they complement one another.
  • To align and balance the Chakra energy centers using harmonized crystal singing bowls.
  • To obtain a greater awareness and understanding of frequencies and how to use crystal singing bowls to direct, amplify, and move frequency energy.
  • To practice using sound healing with crystal bowls and Reiki healing simultaneously.
  • To experience sound healing and Reiki energy simultaneously.
  • To inspire students to develop their intuitive healing style incorporating sound and Reiki.

After introductions and discussion, this class will be highly interactive and participants will have the opportunity to give and receive Reiki combined with sound healing.

Harmonized singing bowls will be provided for use in this interactive setting. However, if you have your own singing bowls and wish to work with them – you are welcome to bring them.

Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls are available for purchase after instruction and practice time is complete. These are the highest quality of vibrational tools available on the market!

The cost of this instruction: $150.

Note:  Payment in full must be received within 24 hours of the Class. No refunds will be issued, but payment could be applied to the next offering of this class.

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