What Is Sound Healing?

A beginners guide to sound therapy

Sound healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of our being.  It is also the use of sound to effect change in one’s physical, psychological or spiritual wellbeing.

The benefits of sound healing a recipient can expect:

  • Deep states of relaxation.
  • Decreased stress response, anxiety, nervousness.
  • Pain relief and healing.
  • Heightened creativity and mental clarity.
  • Increased feelings of optimism and happiness.

I consider my Sound Healing Immersions to be SACRED work.  Sacred sound healing is a result of the intention being set at the beginning of a session.  Deep breathing settles our energy and prepares our mind, body and soul for a deeper connection to our higher self.  I like to call that process ‘getting right with myself’.  Getting right with myself is when I do my best work (personal and professional).  Therefore, it’s something I lead every client to do at the beginning of every single session. 

What To Expect At A Sound Healing Session

Once you arrive at the Garden of Common Ground studio, you will remove your shoes and get comfortable.  You will lay on a comfort station that consists of a soft cushion, pillows, a blanket and eye pillow. (If you prefer, seating is available if a participant would prefer sit or has difficulty laying on the floor.) You will set intention for you session, then we begin with a grounding exercise and move into a bit of energy work.  That’s when the sound immersion begins. I will play crystal singing bowls and possibly other instruments, use mediation music and my own voice to immerse you in a cocoon of sacred sound.  Fresh, living alkalized water is provided as hydration is VERY important for effectiveness.  

We will chat briefly and then gently get to work.

Four Ways To Maximize Your Sound Immersion:

  1. Bring an open mind.  Let go of any expectation(s) of what the session will be.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Avoid caffeine, alcohol and soda if you can.
  3. Eat light meals prior to session.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing.

How Will It Feel?

Curiosity about what’s going to happen is probably the first feeling that will arise – but when you lay down on the soft mat and get comfortable, and you start breathing deeply, you’ll relax into the sound waves as they begin to wash over you.  It might feel like immediate relaxation, or it could take you a few minutes to relax.  Everyone settles at their own pace.

As we proceed, you’ll hear different instruments playing around you.  These instruments are Crystal Tone Alchemy Singing Bowls, chimes, drums, bells, tuning forks and rattles.  Often, I will tone and sing with the instruments.  Feeling of the sound waves of the instruments is also a possibility. 

When the sound session is complete, we lay or sit in silence.  We enjoy the energy of the session and start to organize our how our experience felt and what we thought, saw or perceived during the session.   We hydrate and ensure that you are grounded in the present moments before you head out the door.

Session Options

Each Sound Immersion Session is customized to balance the client’s specific energetic, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual situation.  Private, Semi-Private and Private Group Session options are available and last one hour in length.  Use the options below to choose and reserve the Session you prefer.  Once I receive your reservation, I will contact you to set a time/date to meet.

Private Sound Session

During a Private Session, you and I work one-on-one in my Sacred Space to create an energetic shift in your life.  It is great for personal development and learning how to better communicate with the Universe.

$88 / 1-Hour

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Semi-Private Session

This Semi-Private Session allows for 2-3 people to work in my Sacred Space.  Great for couples, close friends or family members to work together to learn more about spiritual personal growth and development.

$125 / 1-Hour

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Private Group Session

A Private Group Sessions allows for 4-9 people to come together with the intention of experiencing an energetic shift.  Private Group Sessions are great for friends, family or business colleagues seeking greater harmony in life.

$35/Person Per 1-Hour

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Public Sound Session

Public Sound Sessions are offered on a regular basis and a great way for those curious about me or the tools I use to support you, for a test drive.  These Events are a great way to discover how Sound Therapy works.

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“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards