1. Willingness to be open-minded, vulnerabilities and allow your emotions to be felt.  Your safety and security is important to me, and I create and hold safe space to ensure both.

As a practitioner, holding safe space means that I create an environment where you are safe to explore feeling your feelings.  Sound can awaken emotions, thoughts or physical sensations that have been buried in your being.  It can feel liberating and amazing, and it can also feel a tad uncomfortable and unfamiliar. will be treated as the sacred being that you are, with room to explore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual connection and what it uniquely means to YOU without fear of judgement, being laughed at or made to feel inferior.

2. Set intention regarding the self-work you are going to during sessions.

Setting intention is the practice of directing your attention and your focus with open-mindedness while surrendering to the outcome.  It requires letting go of control and trusting your connection to your heart and letting it lead the way.  An example:  Maybe you are having difficulties communicating with someone.  Setting intention to focus on a solution to this issue could be “to navigate through difficult relationships with ease and grace”.  

Don’t get tripped up on intention or let the thought of having to set it scare you.  I am happy to help you get comfortable setting intention based in loving yourself unconditionally.

3. Create a fluid energetically aligned connection with your body, your emotions, your thoughts and your spirituality.

This can sound daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.  The most effective method to create an energetically aligned mental/emotional/physical/spiritual connection is through our breath.   That is why my sound immersion offerings begins with breathing techniques and some energy movement techniques.