In my last blog, I talked about how the Summer Solstice proved to shed light on a lot of things.

Now, here we are, past the autumn equinox, and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling big energy and experiencing so much personal transformation.  I feel it in the world all around me, too. Things seem to be changing more rapidly than ever.

To me, the season of autumn represents the transformation of the seeds we have planted reaching their peak beauty before they go dormant for the next season of growth.

In energetic terms, the seasons are a natural rhythm that humans resonate to – I know I do!  We came from this earth, yet we share DNA with stars.  The cycles of the seasons emit energetic signatures that resonate with our own personal frequencies.  The electrons in our cells communicate with the electrons of other things in the world all around us.  Other people, animals, trees, out into the universe! Yes, that far!  Further even!

We humans usually are just too busy to notice the interactiveness of nature’s energy.

I was out in my garden the other day harvesting seeds and flowers, deadheading plants, weeding, picking and pulling dead plants. I noticed how the energy of the garden is starting to feel slower and less focused on growth.  Earth is getting ready for the darker season.

It happened to be such a perfect weather day.  Warm sun, cool breeze…. I tell you, nature was SINGING!  She was performing a symphony of such beauty – it brought tears to my eyes.  Realizing that all the zinnia seeds and tomato seeds had bloomed into such an incredible spectacle of delight that they attracted dozens of butterflies and bees of every kind to the garden.  The scent of the herbs and vibrant rainbow colors of flowers attracted hummingbirds and ladybugs….  Wow!  My intention had created this spectacular grandeur!  Humbling!

I’ve been noticing so many things in nature synching up with feelings:

Moody sunset

A moody sunset reminded me that when I am still, present and quiet, there is beauty everywhere – even in the darkness.  I have a lot of positive things in my life right now, but I have a couple of dark spots that I’ve been nurturing.  They’re trying to help me be more open to receiving love in new ways.

Birds flying in formation

Birds flying in formation showed me that the least amount of effort can sometimes produce the most magnificent of tasks when we are in optimal alignment.  The pattern looked like the point of an arrow – a triangle.  Of course, this reminds me of sacred geometry and this month, I felt inspired to purchase a set of harmonized crystal pyramids to bring the same effect to my sound healing practice.  The sound bath just got a little deeper.

Sun beams

The brightest full moon reflecting off of the water was a sight to behold.  I could feel the bigness of this moon and when I took a photo, I could discern patterns of light reflecting off the moon that looked like a spiderweb and made the moon appear to be even larger with the radiating pattern. Spider webThere is a lot of symbolism associated with the spider being the weaver of life…. And a few days later, I started flipping through my sketch pad to find a beautiful golden spiderweb I drew.  Synchronicity.  Golden dragon.  Hmmm?

When I seem to be mulling on something, I have the most open perception when I am out in nature.  Nature is readying for winter.

The hummingbirds have gone south, there is a northern nip in the wind.  I open my heart wide to the shifting balance of light that comes with the autumn equinox – with it’s brilliant sunsets in the west and where the sun rises later each day in the east, heralded by the honking geese on the lake.

I don’t know what this all has to do with the symbol of the golden dragon that roared in last season, but I am getting out in nature to hear her song and attune the song in my heart to the same frequency.  That’s where I feel the most balanced and centered.   This life is so very beautiful to a depth I feel inept to describe, but being in nature inspires me to try!

That’s what this blog is all about.  Until next time, I am compassionately yours,

Misty Pennington Signature