What Is Sound Healing?

A beginners guide to sound therapy

Sound healing is the intentional use of sound to create an environment which becomes a catalyst for healing in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of our being.  It is also the use of sound to effect change in one’s physical, psychological or spiritual wellbeing.

In the Studio

In the Garden of Common Ground studio, compassion is the foundation of individual sessions and group gatherings. My desire to connect with others  who also are seeking to live compassionately inspires the layers of the offerings I create.

Sound healing has many nuances; there are many different ways it can interact with and/or influence the energetic frequencies within your being. The tapestry of healing being woven will reveal itself to you as you immerse yourself in the lilting harmonies of the Crystal Tones singing bowls. Let the primal call of the gong awaken the sleeping creativity within you. Rest deeply as soft chimes and the rainstick soothe your cares away while you sink into a soft cushion in a candle-lit space designed for the sole purpose of relaxing.

I consider this soul work and every gathering to be SACRED. Whether the connection you seek is deeper within yourself, or with others who are also doing this type of important work, there is something here for you. I would be honored to support you in your practice of compassionate living.

In my own desire to deepen my compassionate living practice, I have learned that sound is an effective, gentle tool to help shift energy. Being able to shift energy can enhance the healing process in our quest to feel whole.

The benefits of sound healing a recipient can expect:

  • Deep states of relaxation.
  • Decreased stress response, anxiety, nervousness.
  • Pain relief and healing.
  • Heightened creativity and mental clarity.
  • Increased feelings of optimism and happiness.

Every one of these benefits feel health-enhancing to me. It inspires me to share these practices with others because they have made my own life so much richer and meaningful.

Sound has helped me to feel empowered to act as a conscious co-creator in my life rather than feeling like life is happening to me.

Neuroscientists have discovered that sound therapy used in mindfulness and meditation practice can help increase brain wave patterns that stimulate creativity and reduce depression. Sound therapy can also enhance neuroplasticity and neurogenesis (which alters the connectivity between brain regions) leading to improved cognitive function!

I happen to also believe that music is the universal language. I don’t have to speak another language to recognize sorrow or joy in its music. This is why I believe sound is an accelerator in terms of its healing ability – it has a unique ability to touch several energetic layers at the same time.

“Music acts like a magic key to which the mostly tightly closed heart opens.” – Maria Augusta Von Trapp

There are many nuanced layers of our being-ness. Emotions have their own energetic layer, as do our mental and physical bodies. There are even more subtle energy layers beyond these three. I look at each of these layers as a dimension. All of these layers/dimensions are linked in an electrostatic field.

Increased brain wave patterns aren’t the only thing expanding; when we use sound, it affects all of these layers. Each dimensional field in our body responds to sound wave frequencies. As our energetic thoughts and feelings  mingle with sound waves in our biofield, I believe that the sound waves can expand the energies we radiate from our energetic body!

It’s important to understand that when this expansion happens – it’s a wonderful and beautiful thing! And… it also opens the door for unaligned energetic patterns within our energy field to vibrate further away from our state of awareness.

This is the place where the personal work gets a bit more intricate and unique to each of us. It’s important to note that another way of saying this, is that things that felt incredibly important and true to you before, may not feel the same after experiencing sound healing.

Sound healing alters our state of consciousness and it usually creates  expanded awareness. This means the recipient becomes aware of things in an altered perception – we see, feel, hear, smell, taste or sense something differently.

But there is nothing to fear, dear one. You were built for this! This is an intentional emotional heart opening!

We have been conditioned in our culture to ignore our feelings and use our thinking to change our world .  I feel we must learn to navigate the Garden of Life with a vibrant mind-Heart connection!

Session Options

I offer a variety of Sound Sessions so you can discover what is more appropriate for your needs.  All sound baths and immersions are infused with Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki.

You can always email, text or connect with me on Social Media to make further inquiries.  I love to talk to potential clients and friends and to learn more about other souls out there striving to love theirself while learning to live life to the fullest. It helps me connect with the very reason that I do this work and keeps me inspired to keep expanding into more opportunities to create compassionate community!

Sunday Sound Bath

This is a group session offered monthly on a Sunday at the Studio.  This gentle session is a great way to start your relationship with sound healing and also to clear yourself energetically for the week ahead.

$36 / Person

Galactic Gateways

These are group events offered monthly on specific dates that co-relate to numerology and the strength of cosmic gateways that are open on specific numeric alignments.  This is a good opportunity for a boost in your energy!


Private Sessions

A Private Group Sessions are customized to fit your specific needs.  This  type of session is great for individuals, couples, families or groups to come together and hold space for one another to experience an energetic shift.

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Acupuncture & Yoga

On occasion, I partner with other forms of healing practitioners to bring to you an advanced healing session that incorporates both sound and another type of energy shifting practice, like Yoga, Reiki or Acupuncture.

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